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How is Locals.Reviews Different from other Reviews Platforms?

How is Locals.Reviews Different from other Reviews Platforms?

There are several, significant differences.  Here are the top 3 differences.

  1. Locals.Reviews is the easiest to use!  It does NOT require that a user register, enroll or enlist in Locals.Reviews in order to leave feedback for a local business.  Businesses that claim their listing on Locals.Reviews may choose to require an email address and/or phone number from their customers, but that is up to them.

  2. Locals.Reviews focuses primarily on reviews for local businesses provided by the “locals” that frequent their businesses.  Many times reviews are left by travelers that are not local residents and they may only visit a business a single time.  “Locals”, due to the fact that they LIVE in the area, have the ability to frequent a business and therefore, their feedback about a particular business should have more weight.

  3. The Locals.Reviews platform utilizes a two step process: first feedback and then review.  This gives the local business owner the opportunity to mitigate “negative” feedback privately before a review is posted publicly.
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