Get More Feedback from Your Local Area Customers

Take Control of the Reviews Process from Your Own Website!


What Is It?

Locals.Reviews is a two-step process of 1) getting feedback and 2) verifying the legitimacy of reviews.  It is primarily focused upon LOCALS' REVIEWS, which are the most important.


Why You Need It.

Locals.Reviews enables local, small business owners to get more reviews via purposeful engagement with their customers, respond to feedback and be in control of the reviews process.


How To Get It!

Locals.Reviews is provides a free, lite and premier version of it's program for local, small businesses like yours.  You may register for the free or a paid version by tapping on this link.

How Locals.Reviews Works

How does it work?  It works wonderfully!

Local customers can quickly and easily review local businesses.  Local businesses can encourage their customers to provide feedback for them that will help them know how they are doing and let others know about it on their own websites as well as the Locals.Reviews site.

With the Locals.Reviews tools, Local Businesses may take control of the feedback and reviews process, enabling them to better manage their businesses by encouraging regular feedback from their customers without fear of getting unfair or fraudulent reviews or having damaging reviews get posted to their websites.

Our two step 1) Feedback and 2) Review process give business owners the ability to mitigate negative feedback privately, and allows the local customer to provide a review after the mitigation process.

  • Result: happier customers and better reviews!