What Should I do When I Get Bad Reviews

What Should I do When I Get Bad Reviews

What Should I do When I Get Bad Reviews?

Thank God for Them!

Most of your "bad" reviews will probably be honest reviews, and you will mostly deserve them.  These people are trying to help you improve.  Do you want to improve?

Be Glad You Don't Have to Pay Respondents a Consulting Fee

You know that savvy business owners pay to have people pose as customers so can learn how they are doing in business, don't you.

Your customers are providing this feedback to you freely. 

You may see bad reviews as only negatively costly, but they are also positively valuable!

How you React can Tell More about You than How You Act

It is much easier to control your actions than it is to be in control of your re-actions!  How you respond to negative remarks about you and your business or products or services can yet yield positive results with those that are reading your reviews AND your replies.

Are they concerned about how you answer negative reviews.  YES!

If you do not reply, the readers will think you are either disconnected from your business or that you have no regard for your customers.

So, when you get those negative reviews, keep these seven things in mind and make sure that you reply:

  1. personally
  2. professionally
  3. courteously
  4. responsibly
  5. apologetically
  6. remedially
  7. prospectively 

Be personal: use their name when you can and sign your name to it!  You are a professional so be sure to show it. Be courteous with them even if they have been rude to you.  Maybe you will have to defend yourself, but you must resist retaliation.   Take full responsibility when you have failed.  Apologize, that's right, say "I'm so sorry ..."  Offer a remedy to correct the failure as well as a safeguard from it happening again.