Local's Reviews Terms of Use Policy

Local's Reviews Terms of Use Policy

Local's Reviews User's Policy


This tool gives its subscribers access to programs that provide their customers with the ability to write reviews and comments regarding the subscriber's business. These reviews may appear on the website and web pages created and maintained on its subscribers' behalf, and subscribers' own independently created websites.

Guidelines for feedback and reviews

The following guidelines are provided to consumers leaving reviews about subscribers:

  1. Make the review objective, useful and informative. Be specific to give the reader a feel for your experience.
  2. Write about the kind of information you would want when you are asking a friend or coworker for a recommendation.
  3. Did the experience meet your expectations? Would you go back? Would you recommend this business?
  4. Keep it short and to the point. Write short sentences that stick to the highlights of your experience.
  5. The recommended length for a review is 100 to 250 words.

Use of feedback and reviews

When one of our subscribers' customers writes a review, that review becomes available for external publication and will appear within the subscriber's customer dashboard to be reviewed by the subscriber.

The review may optionally then be posted to the subscriber's website and/or social media pages.

Reviews may be used in print and other marketing collateral.


The publisher of this tool makes no warranty as to the effect that your participation in Locals.Reviews will have upon search engine results, index placement, search ranking, or any other outcome with respect to third party sites and services.