What Action Steps Can I Take to Get More Good Reviews

What Action Steps Can I Take to Get More Good Reviews
  • You need reviews.
  • You need more reviews.
  • You need more great reviews!

What Action Steps Can I Take to Get More Good Reviews?

  1. Deserve Great Reviews.
  2. Ask Your Clients to Provide Regular Feedback.
  3. Make it Easy for Your Clients to Provide Regular Feedback.
  4. Give them Options for Extending their Reviews.
  5. Gather Reviews from Other Reviews Platforms and add them yourself to your Local's Reviews.  Don't forget to cite the source!
  6. Convert Cards, Letters and Thank You Notes into Manually Added Reviews using Local's Reviews.  Be sure to cite the source!

Leaving Reviews Can Be Hard

Well, this is the USA, so make it easy, pleasy!

Sometimes the easiest platform requires users to have an account to leave a review.  Unless they are already "on board" with the platform, they are not likely to "sign up" just so they can leave a review.

On the other hand, if you've really pissed them off, they might signup so they can tell the world how awful your business is!  Sorry, it is just human nature and negative emotions tend to be more powerful than the positive ones.

Keep in mind that if a customer gets what they paid for and nothing more, why should they bother leaving a review.  If you want more great reviews, you're gonna' have to work hard for them.

Here are some action steps that you can implement:

  1. Deserve great reviews.
  2. Request feedback and make it super duper easy.
  3. Give them options for extending their reviews.

Local's Reviews is the Small Business Owner's Dream Come True Feedback and Reviews Program!

We provide a free, lite and premier program.  The free program is ... free forever, and everybody starts free.  If you choose to upgrade to a paid program (lite or premier), your first month is still free. So, you get to try it out for a full 30 days to see how you like it.  If you don't want to keep it, cancel it before within 30 days and your account will revert back to free.  We think that's fair!


How We Make it Easy

  1. Reviewers don't need an account.  They can leave a review without "logging in."
  2. They can leave a review on our website, the form is at the top of our home page.
  3. They can leave a review by tapping on the Locals.Reviews "Provide Your Feedback" button from your website.