Corporate Accounts with Multiple Locations or Owners with Multiple Businesses

Locals.Reviews has custom plans for entrepreneurs that own multiple businesses and corporations with multiple locations.

Convenient Access to Administration

This enables you as the platform administrator to gain access to each of your businesses or each of your business locations via a single login.

100% Premier Service

Entrepreneurial and Corporate users' subscriptions are all premier.  They will have ALL of our tools for EACH of their businesses or locations.

Tiered Discounts

You will receive discounts based upon the number of businesses that you manage or locations that you have added.

  • First is full price: $50/mo
  • Next 4 (2-5) for $40/mo
  • Next 5 (6-10) for $35/mo
  • Next 10 (11-20) for $30/mo
  • Next 30 (21-50) for $25/mo
  • Next 50 (51-100) for $20/mo
  • 101 + for $15/mo

Calculate Your Discount

Simply enter the number of locations or businesses that you manage below and tap on the Calculate button. The calculator will tell you your exact, discounted price.